art*science event in Bologna

art*science event in Bologna

Factory/Sala “Biagi”, Bologna

Nefula is proudly partner of art*science event, a series of conferences and events on relations between artistic forms and scientific disciplines. The event is organized by La Comunicazione Diffusa and NOEMA Lab, and many amazing partners, including our friends from AOS, HER and CRASH.


In this first year dedicated to Leonardo “The next fifty”, the most authoritative magazine published by MIT Press, which is 50, on relationship between art and science.
This first event in Bologna has the theme of “The New and the History”, that is, the relationship between two seemingly oppositional concepts that can and must live together. The “new”, the “innovation”, has its foundations in history, in the past, but can and must revive this legacy in the future, re-invent it, and refocus it through scientific disciplines and technologies. We think that this can be a key element in a country like Italy with a huge cultural heritage.


In addition to these two themes, Roger Malina, Director of Leonardo, has pointed to a third topic, which is debating internationally, partly also in the Yasmin mailing list: the search for the integration of arts, design and Humanities in the scientific disciplines. This discussion, often referred to as “From STEM to STEAM” (STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; STEAM = Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Design, and Mathematics), rests on the idea of “consilience”, introduced by Wilson in 1968, on the fusion of the modes of knowledge, and it was taken up by Slingerland and Collard in 2011.


In addition to Leonardo director intervention, the two-day conference art*science will see the participation of institutions, scholars, scientists, artists, operators on the above-mentioned topics.


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