BackPlayers: Near Future Bit Workshop

BackPlayers: Near Future Bit Workshop




27 February 2016

On the 27 February 2016, in Zagarolo (Rome), Nefula will hold a 6 hour workshop in occasion of the BackPlayers project.


An international group of volunteers will meet again in the town of Zagarolo, they come to partecipate to a project about social tourism and sustainable travelling: the best place to host such an exchange is the Wiki Hostel, an experience of hostelling in the nearby Rome, surrounded by the wonderful nature, history and traditions of the Castelli Romani and the Monti Prenestini.


A full week of activities that involve youths from Italy, Spain and Portugal, invited here thanks to an Erasmus + project of the European Commission. The aim of this project is to increase not only the mobility of young people but also their ability to share skills and knowledge on different issues like, as we had anticipated before, a sustainable way of travelling and experiences the local preciosities.
The project is designed to gamificate the travel experience, but don’t worry: you don’t need to be a game designer to become a Backplayer… just bring with you the right mood and a lot of creativity!


In the 6 hours of the Near Future Bit workshop the participants will be introduced to the first steps of the Near Future Design methodology. The participants will learn how to explore the Consensual Reality, search for Curious Rituals and imagine how these could evolve in possible futures.


Participants Takeaways:


– Educate to the economy of experience and imagination
– Life-skills to orient in the changing present
– How to analyze the present
– How to discover seems of possible futures
– How to imagine future scenarios


BackPlayers youth exchange is a project from No Border Onlus, in partnership with the NGOs Viaje A La Sostenibilidad (Zaragoza, Spain) and ReativaTe (Leiria, Portugal).


Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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