BUG BOT BIP – Pecha Kucha Night in Milan

BUG BOT BIP – Pecha Kucha Night

Talent Garden Calabiana, Milano

Nefula is very happy to take part of the BUG BOT BIP PKN in Milan. Take a look to the organisers’ message to announce the great lineup:


Good morning PKNers! There are less than 20 days to go for the second Milan Pecha Kucha Night of 2017, which takes place at Talent Garden Milan Calabiana: our best way to start the week is then to unveil the amazing lineup of the presenters joining us for the “BUG BOT BIP”, which give us pride!


Pecha Kucha Night Milan VOLUME #15 “BUG BOT BIP” will focus on the relationship between human and information technology.


Alessandro Masserdotti (dotdotdot.it)
Gionatan Quintini e Clemente Pestelli (Le liens invisibles)
Giovanni Franchina ( BEPART)
Jacopo Pompilii (REFERENBOT)
Mirko Balducci e Giacomo Equizi ( Nefula)
Marco Mancuso ( Digicult)
Stefano Benedetti (CultweekNefula)
Vittorio Banfi (Botsociety)
Stefan Davidovici (Sketchmob ItaliaNefula)
Roberto Arista


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