Infosfera: sources and materials

Infosfera: sources and materials

In Articles — By Nefula — 9.02.16

An overview of the research about the futures of information led by Nefula and Eumetra Monterosa

On January 13th 2016, Eumetra Monterosa and Nefula presented the results of  Infosfera, i futuri dell’informazione (Infosphere, the Futures of Information).

The event took place at the prestigious “Centro Congressi Svizzero” in Milan and involved more than 150 professionals, managers and researches from allover Italy.




Infosfera is the first research project created combining Eumetra Monterosa’s experience and methodologies with the the Near Future methodology by Nefula, to create an integrated approach in which qualitative and quantitative analysis meet Big Data, digital ethnography, communication and design.


The Infosfera logo is directly inspired to the Third Paradise, a manifesto and a symbol created in 2003 by Italian artist Michelangelo Pistoletto:


“The basic idea of the Third Paradise is the overcoming of the current worldwide existing conflict between the two polarities of nature and artifice. The Third Paradise is symbolically represented by a reconfiguration of the mathematical infinity sign. In the symbol of Third Paradise three circles are drawn: the two opposite circles signify nature and artifice; the middle one is the conjunction of the two and represents the generative womb of a new humanity. ” (source:



The Third Paradise has a rich and profound history which deeply impacted us in designing the integrated approach we are experimenting with Eumetra Monterosa:  a new methodology finding a third space between the analysis of self representation and the one of the influences coming from our human networks to help companies, institutions and organization to coop with the challenges of disruptive innovation.


This short video, which opened the event in Milan, describes the methodology highlighting the importance of this “third dimension”, reinterpreting Pistoletto’s idea of Third Paradise:



Together with the video, the new methodology was represented under form of as infographic distributed to the audience:



The research and the new partnership with Eumetra is an exciting and intense experience. For Infosfera we have analized for three months 1.574.841 conversations allover the world in 29 languages. The observation involved people public expressions of people on major social network (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), web site, experts forums and  online groups, detecting job announcements from more than 200 international newspapers.


What patterns emerged from the research? What are people doing or talking about? What do they consider “normal”? What are the Curious Rituals?


Our objective is for now to document the event, making accessible a series of sources and materials you can find below.

We are working on a following article which will describe the research process and the results.


Infosfera: sources and materials


Here you can find the full slides created for and used during the presentation:


Here you can find a photo gallery documenting the event:
Infosfera: i futuri dell'informazione


Here you can find an archive of photos and videos created by PRB – Prograssive Redesign Benefit


More info about The Third Paradise can be found here:


More info on Eumetra Monterosa:


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