It’s a Journal!

It’s a Journal!

In Articles — By Nefula — 11.05.2017

A blog shower to introduce our new space for discussions, explorations, and discoveries.

Something new is born in Nefula.
Today we launched our Journal, Nefula’s new blog. And with it our new website, where you can see our past two years of work, check out some good lectures on our syllabus, and find out something about our services. But it is especially ready to show to you the next things that will happen in Nefula.
And they will be a lot.


The new Nefula Journal is a place to explore the present to understand the future. To do this we open up our blog to friends, experts, artists, visionaries, scientists, and crazy people, who will write articles that help us (yes, also us) to have a different point of view on the contemporary.
On the other hand, we don’t want to lose the opportunity to directly engage with some of these people: do you know a better way to discover new things than to start a discussion with an expert? That’s the aim of our conversations: topic-based interviews with interesting people.
Each time we find out some crazy shit that is able to open up a small window of -possible- futures, we will put it in what probably will become yours browser homepage: Curiouspedia. It is the new project by Nefula to collect and frame the Curious Rituals that we will find day by day.
If you’re not convinced from this explanation, check out our glossary and wait few days for the article about Curiouspedia on the Journal. In the meantime, enjoy the Curious.
And yes, we will going on with the same old habits. We will still bring back our experiences around Nefula’s world (workshops, schools, projects…) through our reports.
So, open your newsfeed reader and add some new bookmarks. If you’re really really lazy, don’t worry: with our newsletter you will have a we-still-don’t-know-if-monthly-or-bimonthly overview of stranger things happening out there (without going on Netflix).


As you may notice, most of the contents have to come, but Roma uno die aedificata non est, indeed. If you want to help us to do this (forget Rome, our Journal will be more easy), if you have suggestions, ideas, projects, critiques, good jokes, or whatever, feel free to write them down at info [at] nefula • com, any time, Monday to Monday.
Have a great time in the Strange Now! See you on these pages.


Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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