We are looking for an Algorithmic Steward to work on an international project. This includes supporting communities, tribes and our client’s brand in understanding the algorithmic complexities and in designing algorithms for ecosystemic counter-intelligence at business and relational levels, in order to be able to construct the ecosystemic branding model adopted by our client, and to help the relational ecosystem thrive and prosper.

The AS will interact with communities/tribes (c/t) and with the client in order to deal with the issues which arise in information and knowledge propagation on today’s platforms. He/she will help users leave the filter bubbles which most platforms create around them so that they can be able to gain a more complete vision of the relational ecosystem. The AS will also help our client in designing its own algorithms to be able to monitor and react to the relational ecosystem’s changes, in order to pursue its ecosystemic branding model.

The AS will design algorithms which allow observing the evolution of consensus and dissent in the ecosystem, and to identify emerging opportunities within it. He/she will take active part in c/t’s conversations by spreading the knowledge about these opportunities and about how to autonomously use such algorithms to find new ones. He will also bring such information to the attention of the client, so that it can design strategies which are able to support the emergence of such opportunities within the ecosystem, providing proper support, reward and compensation to them, so that they actually happen.

The AS will act alongside the Ecosystem Designer, the Rhizomes Manager and the UI / UX Designers to plan the horizons and implementations needed in order to bring the largest possible number and quality of interactions and openness into the ecosystem, tending towards the model of the relational ecosystem as a commons.

The provision of personalized services for the management both for groups and individuals within the ecosystem, will be of fundamental importance, as well as the constitution of ecosystem patterns that anticipate the evolutionary potential coming from new types of connections.

Through this double type of action – observation and construction – performed to the benefit of both the brand and the c/t, the AS is able to join the planning for the management of the ecosystem and to also bring in the intelligence related by the rise of emergent networks which can contribute to the evolution of the brand’s ecosystemic model.


• Dialogue and mediation with the reference c / t;

• Design algorithms to generate efficient observation patterns for the information and knowledge generated by large-scale, multi-centric, emergent human networks;

• Assessing filter-bubble related issues, to prevent limited visibility of information and, at the same time, providing the possibility to experience relevant, meaningful information and knowledge, also in opportunistic, serendipitous ways;

• Topic and Information Discovery and Extraction from the expressions of large-scale human networks, and their preparation for subsequent analysis and processing, also in collaboration with the client and c/t;

• Ensure real-time or near-real-time possibility to observe the composition of the brand’s relational ecosystem, and to interact with it, by designing algorithms which allow for its complete traversal and monitoring, and by providing interfaces which allow for its convenient interaction, in collaboration with other UI / UX Designers;

• Constantly provide syntheses of relevent and meaningful conversations and emergent opportunities within the ecosystem, made available to the client and to the parts of the relational ecosystem, in order for them to be able to gain understandings about the current scenario and to be able to catch opportunities as they rise;

• Constant monitoring of the issues and topics of discussion in and around the brand and ability to tie them together to expand and reinforce the discussion;

• Algorithmic support to Emergency Management within and outside the ecosystem;

• Create reusable components and patterns for ecosystem-based management;


• Complex Algorithm design;

• Complex Systems Theory;

• Anthropology/Ethnography;

• Actor Network Theory (ANT);

• Excellent interpersonal skills and interaction, discussion, listening;

• Ecosystemic analysis for large-scale human networks, designing and using software tools and ecosophic assessments;

• Data-driven sociology;

• Netnographic methods and tools;


Listen, Discuss, Revise, Design and Deploy Algorithms, Provide Feedback under the form of intelligence. The Algorithmic Steward interprets the deisgns coming from the Ecosystems Designer and translates them into real-life algorithms and interactive systems, for the benefit of both the client ant the c/t. The AS’s activity is focused on the design and construction of the algorithms, but also on easing the process for their adoption, creating accessible, inclusive, relevant and meaningful ways in which both the client and the participants to the c/t can experience and catch the opportunities which constantly emerge in relational ecosystems.

The AS is also responsible to the designs of those algorithms and fruition tools which will enable all involved parties to become more informed and aware aboutthe vectors of change and transformation in the ecosystem, in order to be able to react and dynamically change strategies and tactics for its best evolution.



Work remotely:



March 2016 – March 2017

Renewable on necessity



  • English (professional)


  • French
  • German
  • Chinese


  • to be defined according to project necessity
  • software and tools licenses

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