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We are looking for Ecosystem Designers to work on an international project. This involves the development of a research for one of our customers and the implementation of its results.

The figure we seek will be trained in sociology, anthropology and digital humanities, and will have extensive experience in using the tools to manage and observe and study wide, large-scale, relational ecosystems and complex networks of communities and tribes.

The ED studies and designs human networks to create the best possible relational ecosystems for a brand, in ways which will ensure its evolution and organic growth. In a second stage, the ED will lead the creation of the connections needed to establish these relations, by performing a networked planning action, using appropriate skills eventually provided by other professionals, and by using the tools to be able to monitor and evolve the relational networks.


• analyze large-scale human networks to identify opportunites for interconnection;

• understand the tensions and directions for evolution of communities/tribes (c/t), as well as their values and imaginaries;

• design and systematize the strategies and tactics for access/entry/exit into c/t, and for their inclusion in the brand’s relational ecosystem;

• model and observe the interactions and evolutions of complex, large-scale human networks;

• design in real-time the tactical approaches to evolve human network configurations and their flows of communication and interaction;

• manage the evolution of the value systems interconnecting brand and communites/tribes.


• training and profund interests in sociology, anthropology and digital humanities

• usage of tools and methods to monitor, analyse and understand large-scale, complex, human networks

• familiarity or experience in ecosofic design software tools and in ANT flow charts

• Netnography, tools and methods


We will work for our client together with a team of researchers and developers. We will move from the research phase onto the implementation phase, eventually adding further professional profiles and skill-sets as needed



Work remotely:



March 2016 – March 2017

Renewable on necessity



  • English (professional)


  • French
  • German
  • Chinese


  • to be defined according to project necessity
  • software and tools licenses

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