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We are hiring a Rhizomes Manager, a professional in the management of the curation of online communities and of temporary, nomadic (and potentially anonymous) forms of online user aggregations. The person we are searching for will be integrated into the research and implementation project for the design of our client’s ecosystemic branding model.

The evolution of a system is determined by its ability to evolve and reassemble itself adapting to the transformations of the environment and teh context it provides. We are looking for people who know how to be the enzymes for these adaptation processes, by stimulating self-regulation and peer-to-peer interaction processes which tend to the achievement of dynamic equilibriums within large-scale human relational networks. The RM knows and understands the guidelines provided by the Ecosystems Designer, use the tools and methods provided by the Algorithmic Steward and works in close contact with the c/t and the client to help and promote the flourishing and well-being of the brand’s ecosystem.

The RM supports people to understand the evolution of the ecosystem, the best ways in which to interpret the opportunities and possibilities which emerge within the ecosystem, and also helps and supports new nodes, communities and tribes to enter the ecosystem and to settle in.

The RM also provides insights about the value produced by the various parts of the ecosystem, also suggesting possible forms of remuneration (whether in ecosystem conenctivity, reputation or as a share of the wealth produced), and forwards them to relevant parties: the client and the other members of the ecosystem.

The RM is able to monitor and understand the transformation and evolution vectors of communities and tribes.

The RM communicates, organizes, creates online/offline events, and has the capacity to handle ubiquitous, emergent, shared and networked leadership and cooperation models.


• enable and monitor ubiquitous, emergent, shared and networked leadership and collaboration processes;

• monitor of brand’s relational ecosystem with dedicated software;

• observe the evolution vectors of the rhizomes of the ecosystem, and extract information about the rising opportunities and possible actions;

• identify value generated in the network, and suggest the most suitable forms of remuneration for their creators;

• organize and execute online, offline and automatic meetings (or other forms of encounters, also using interfaces and automatic notifications) within (and outside) the relational ecosystem to perform enzymatic actions which are directed to broadening the knowledge and understandings about the opportunities rising within the ecosystem, and about how to generate value from them;

• report to the Ecosystems Designes for whatever concerns the evolution vectors of communties and tribes;

• report to the Algorithmic Steward for whatever concerns the issues related to information and knowledge collection and communication in the ecosystem;


• skills dedicates to enabling ubiquitous, emergent, networked and nomadic leadership and coordination patterns within large-scale human networks;

• strong analytical skills, strong decision making abilities;

• ability to analyse complex, large-scale human networks and their rhizomes in order to understand the value generated in them;

• participatory observation techniques;

• online, offline and automatic event organization with diverse sets of participants, at large, medium, mini, micro scales;

• trans-cultural communication ability;

• able to follow project in new and unexpected directions;

• passion for diversity and inclusion;


The Rhizomes Manager follows the stages of the life of relational ecosystem for our client’s brand. The RM monitors changes and evolutions, and stimulates and manages the activities that will lead to compensation of the members of the network, to meet emergent desires and expectations, and to activate others. The RM is an enzyme within the ecosystemic model enacted for our client’s brand, understanding contexts and evolutions through appropriate tools and methods, and translating them into meaningful, relevant information for the participants to communities and tribes, and into valuable business and evolution intelligence for the client, for the Ecosystem Designers and for the Algorithmic Stewards.



Work remotely:



March 2016 – March 2017

Renewable on necessity



  • English (professional)


  • French
  • German
  • Chinese


£ 4-6K/m

relational ecosystem

tool and software licenses


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