ARA: 2 days of workshop in Rovigo

ARA: 2 days workshop in Rovigo




14th-15th July 2016

Summer 2016 will be intense for Nefula!
From 14th to 15th of July, in Rovigo, in the North of Italy, Nefula will held the workshop “Territorio: nuovi scenari per molteplici futuri” (Territory: new scenarios for multiple futures) invited from the guys of Tumbo, the cultural association who promote ARA project.


ARA – Percorsi Creativi Rurali (Creative Rural Itinerary) is a project about the rural areas of Rovigo discovering and retraining. A process that, through the digital and physical highlighting of the rural itineraries, wants to valorize the rural areas, make it more accessible and culturally relevant.
In order to make it possible, ARA, for this summer, will organize some tours and sports activities. ARA also purposes 4 workshops aimed to design temporary installations, which will be situated in strategic hotpoints along rural itineraries.


ARA decided to organise a preliminary workshop, for that they called Nefula.
Nefula workshop “Territorio: nuovi scenari per molteplici futuri” proposes a two days experience focused on the observation of the local relational ecosystem, in order to imagine new ways of collaboration of the near future.
The activities will be splitted among moments where different public and private local entities,, will present themselves, and moments where we will work more specifically on the ways that each entity can start for a more participatory and richer way to live the territory.


For the night of the 14th, at 8:15pm, it will take place a field trip organized by the association “Corri X Rovigo”.


The workshop is open to anyone, from creative people to associations, companies, storytellers and runners.
The workshop is free, but the submission is obligatory.
For any further information send an email to or take a look at ARA website.


ARA project wins the 2015 edition of CulturalMente, an important prize for cultural association promoted by Fondazione Cariparo.


Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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