Baotaz at XXI Triennale International Exhibition

Baotaz at XXI Triennale International Exhibition




3-4 September 2016

Nefula will be in Milan, from the 3rd to the 4th of September 2016, in order to expose BAOTAZ project during the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, in the Triennale Expo Gate, in the city centre of Milan!

BAOTAZ is the output of La Cura Summer School, an interconnected mind that will take part to the twenty-first edition of Triennale di Milano during Condividi La Conoscenza event, one of the most important international exhibitions of art and design in Italy.


Triennale di Milano International Exhibition. 21st Century. Design After Design touches on key questions, such as the new dramatic art of design, which consists mainly in its ability to deal with those anthropological issues that classical modernity has excluded from its brief, such as death, the sacred, eros, destiny, traditions, and history; the issue of gender in design; the impact of globalization on design; the transformations brought about by the dawn of the twenty-first century and the crisis of 2008; the relationship between city and design; the relationship between design and the accessibility of new information technologies; and the relationship between design and craftsmanship. Condividi La Conoscenza event’s mission is to share the awareness of knowledge as a Commons creating a meeting point for diversity.




It will be a great experience and Nefula is very glad to take part of this, many thanks to all the involved people: Ilaria Ascione, Mirko Balducci, Lavoslava Benčić, Mario Bernaudo, Francesco Berti, Beatrice Bianchini, Francesco Bonomi, Stefano Capezzuto, Tommaso Cappelletti, Ruggero Castagnola, Marta Cecconi, Francesca Chiappa, Giorgio Cipolletta, Dario Cottafava, Eugenio De Matteis, Gian Paolo Delfino, Giacomo Equizi, Rudy Faletra, Giulia Falciani, Clementina Giulia Maria Gentile Fusillo, Anna Gerometta, Alberto Gomez, Giulia Grassi, Doğu Gündoğdu, Jon Husband, Salvatore Iaconesi, Ami Liçaj, Milijana Komad, Arianna Magrini, Filippo Menconi, Michela Nicchiotti, Naz Önen, Ludovica Panzera, Oriana Persico, Antonio Puglisi, Giorgio Rinolfi, Alessia Santoro, Maria Teresa Scarabello, Joanna Sleigh, Andrea Spatari, Martina Sportelli, Roberto Terracciano, Guglielmo Torelli, Tommaso Tregnaghi, John Wilkinson.


Promoted by La Cura, Nefula, ISIA Florence, XXI Triennale di Milano, Condividi la Conoscenza – Abitare la Città, Abitare la Terra.


In collaboration with: HE – Human Ecosystems, AOS – Art is Open Source, parcodiyellowstone, SOS – La Scuola Open Source, Videofficine.


Take part to Condividi la Conoscenza – Abitare la Città, Abitare la Terra exhibition. Thank you!


Have a look at the photo-report!


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