Nefula at FLUID: 3 days workshop in Kotor

Nefula at FLUID: 3 days workshop in Kotor

Fluid Forum 6, Kotor, Montenegro

From the 23th to the 25th of April Nefula will be in Kotor, Montenegro, for the for the sixth edition of FLUID, a design forum conceived as a series of lectures, exhibitions, and workshops organized on multiple locations in Montenegro.
This year the main topic is contamination:


“In accordance with this, we formulated the theme of this fluid as: CONTAMINATION. We wanted to emphasize the need to react on social issues by using negative connotation in the name of the FLUID theme to refer to uncertainty and difficulties pertinent to any open social question. This is why we omitted expected prefix “DE-” in the name of the theme.
CONTAMINATION is real and symbolic: pollution of the nature, pollution of the cultural landscape, visual pollution of the physical space, pollution of public discourse and social values… but also alarm, need for immediate action.”


Nefula’s co-founder Mirko Balducci will give a lecture on Monday evening and a three days workshop. During the workshop, participants will speculate about implications and reflections through the NFD methodology on contaminations in the town of Kotor.


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Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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