Future is back: DOCU preview at ISIA

Future is back: DOCU preview at ISIA




28 May 2015

On the evening of May the 28th 2015, the first event organized by Nefula will take place at ISIA Florence. It will be an opportunity to talk about Near Future and to share, with all the students, teachers and people involved inside the Institute, the research that is taking place within the current NFD course. Moreover, the preview of “DOCU #00 – Documenting the Curious” will be shown as the first Nefula documentary based on an original format; it aims to explore Curious Rituals, New Normals and Possible Futures through the faces and the opinions of artists, researchers, designers, scientists, thinkers and activist from all over the World.


The first episode is set in London in the framework of the FutureFest 2015, the event organized by Nesta “to inspire people to change the future”.


Future is Back is born on Nefula’s will with the support of the whole institute. It will be a chance to have a good time, but also confront each other and to have moments of sharing.


All the information about the event.


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