Nefula lesson at Data Academy #SCE2015

Nefula lesson at Data Academy #SCE2015

Near Future Design: Territory, Consciousness and performance of the Futures


On October 14th, in occasion of the Data Academy #SCE2015 in Bologna, Italy, Nefula will held a session on Near Future Design, open data and territory design.

The Near Future Design aim is to transform the perception of possibility, in order to foster better understandings of desirable and preferable futures, enabling the foundations of their development.

All of this is valid also for the linked dynamics to territory design. The understanding of relational systems which animate the territory (also online) is essential today in order to create visions, meaning, futures, consciousness. The mapping of these datas is able to create new, hidden, wasted opportunities or to better understand those ones followed until now.


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Your takeaways:


– to learn the Near Future Design Methodology and its tools;
– to learn how to turn the vision of the future into a scenario/pre-totype;
– to equip the participants with the essential tools in order to create new scenarios about the concept of Territory;
– introduce to the P2P ethnography as an observation tool for relational systems.


Data Academy #SCE2015


Data Academy is the education programme about open data and their re-use at Smart City Exhibition – Citizen Data Festival 2015, organized by FORUM PA in collaboration with its partners, main experts and activists on open data. Focused on the “to do” and “benefit” skills for open data on the urban environment, Data Academy is composed of 50 minutes sessions.
It’s a free education chance for administrators and operators of the public administration, service companies and ONGs, communication operators and teachers of differents levels, students and researchers, businessmen and start-uppers, policy makers and local development designers, anyone could find the most interesting proposal on the Data Academy’s programme.


Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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