Nefula at Hacking Source

Nefula at Hacking Source

From the 16th to the 22nd of September Nefula will get involved in Hacking Source, an event about new frontiers of design that will take place in Florence.

Here some info about our Talk and Hacking Source in general, more news soon!


Talk – Near Future Designers


Starting from the “Near Future Designers” Nefula workshop that took place in Free University of Bolzano last year, our co-founder Mirko Balducci and Tommaso Tregnaghi will talk about the possibilities futures of the designer profession.


21th September 2016
Le Murate Caffè Letterario


Other Nefula event in Hacking Source:
Shaping Thoughts
DOCU #02 premiere


Hacking Source


Hacking Source is a side-project of Source, an annual exhibition that since 2012 selects and follows the work of Italian and international designers with the aim of helping them approaching production, marketing and sales. Source has grown to become a permanent project and offers education, services and professional consultation all the year round, in Florence and other Italian cities on the theme of design and self-production.


In 2016 with Hacking Source, born from an idea of Giacomo Garziano, Annika Kappner and Margarita Osipian, Source wants merge design with other disciplines to create an interdisciplinary approach that gives birth to new ideas, collaborations, and ways of seeing.
For one week Hacking Source will host a different personalities will engaging in a brainstorm encounter with participants. The first encounter will involve a topic chosen by the host. After the conclusion of the first brain storm session, host A will pass on the results and ideas to the host of the second session (host B). Based on this input, host B will continue the first conversation but through the lens of their own research. This chain-like process will continue with each host, creating a generative brainstorming structure. At the end of the process, the problems will be presented during a children’s workshop, giving children the opportunity to come up with their own approaches. The ideas being developed will be published in a zine during the course of the fair, with brainstorm notes and drawings.


The brainstorming calendar:

Food | Sonia Massari

Interaction | Martjin Van Boven

Biotechnology | Spela Petric

Smell | Margherita Soldati

Social design | Tamar Shafrir

The future of design | Hendrik- Jan Grievink

Impact of design | Aniela Hoitink


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Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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