Workshop at Wired Next Fest 2015

Workshop at Wired Next Fest 2015




24 May 2015
10.30 a.m.

Near Future Design. The future doesn’t exist. It’s a performance!


How to learn to deal with a present continuously transformed, exponential innovation and disruption? How to twist the future in a collaborative performance about possible and desirable futures?
Nefula will be at Wired Next Fest 2015 with a 6 hours of an intensive “hands-on” workshop.
Participants will answer to all these questions through the Nefula’s Near Future Design Methodology, developing during the workshop some easy Pre-totypes Transmedia Narratives concepts.


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– What is Near Future Design? And what is Design Fiction?
– How can we give rise to our vision about the future?
– What is a Pre-totype, as compared with a prototype?
– How can Transmedia Narratives help us to tranform our vision of the future into engaging, performative, ubiquitous communication?
– What does Baudrillard’s Simulacra idea have to do with all this?


Who can participate:


visionaries, designer, hackers, social engineers, entrepreneurs and startupper, everyone wants to have new tools to communicate his/her vision about the future in the contemporary era.


Your takeaways:


– to learn about Near Future Design Methodology and its tools;
– to learn how to transform your vision on the future into pre-totypes;
– to learn how to powerfully communicate your pre-totypes using a Transmedia Narrative.




– bring your laptop/tablet.


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