XYZ – 3 axes to design the future

XYZ – 3 axes to design the future




18th-30th July 2016

Nefula will be part of an important laboratory that will take place this summer in Bari, in south of Italy: XYZ labs from La Scuola Open Source.
After won the most important prize for social innovation in Italy, Che Fare, the guys from La Scuola Open Source decided to organize three different laboratories for co-create the school.


From the initiative website:
“The labs’ output will be the three building blocks of La Scuola Open Source (Identity, Tools and Processes). Starting from our award-winning idea, XYZ will define the three basic axes of La Scuola Open Source:


X will define our identity and the story we will tell: values, strategy, identity, website.


Y will work on the tools that will make the School work: hardware, software, methodologies.


Z will focus on how the school will function: education, research, co-living and sustainability.


Three research and cooperative LABS to co-design La Scuola Open Source. Three areas focused on social and technological innovation and bottom-up policies, three topics: “the identity of La Scuola Open Source”, “the tools we need to make it possible” and “the processes behind La Scuola Open Source”. The labs are free of charge and will coexist in the same space for the duration of 12 days. In order to join, you must send your application through the online form no later than 00:01 of the 5/07/2016.”


Nefula it will be there with two teachers, Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, and two tutors, Mirko Balducci e Giacomo Equizi. We will work in X (Identity) and Z (Processes) labs, trying to give our best support through our Near Future Design point of view.


See you there!


Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.


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