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The wearable technologies that connected the planet.
A technologically augmented sense which increases human sense-ability for making planetary phenomena visible on bodies.



In collaboration with

ISIA Firenze
La Cura
Condividi la Conoscenza
XXI Triennale International Exhibition
La Triennale di Milano



BAOTAZ is the result of La Cura Summer School, an educational program by La Cura, Nefula and ISIA Firenze to research the implications of interconnectivity. First of all, BAOTAZ is an interactive sculpture where great amounts of data and information from social networks about people’s expressions are represented physically in real-time. BAOTAZ was exposed at the XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan and at the Neuromed Research Centre in Pozzilli.

The entrance of the Expo Gate in Milan

The physical aspects of BAOTAZ are an interconnected silicon brain sculpture and the relative vibrating wearable helmet. The BAOTAZ brain and the BAOTAZ wearable, show in real-time, through lights and vibrations, the emotions of people about “inhabiting the planet” and “inhabiting the city” expressed on social networks.
Thanks to the Human Ecosystem platform, BAOTAZ records real time expressions from Twitter and Instagram in 29 languages and processes this data using natural language analysis to detect different emotions (using the Circumplex Model of Affect).

Some picks from BAOTAZ Helmet and BAOTAZ Brain + the assembly system

BOATAZ is also a meta-brand project and a community that acts to continue the process started during La Cura Summer School. The community shares and preserves the BAOTAZ commons: the totality of knowledge and tools being developed by the community.

The BAOTAZ logo and a moment from the making of BAOTAZ from the XXI Triennale di Milano International Exhibition

In September 2016, BAOTAZ was exposed during the XXI Triennale International Exhibition, in the prestigious Triennale Expo Gate, in the city centre of Milan. The exhibition was part of “Living in the city Living on Earth” event.
In October 2016, BAOTAZ was exposed at the Neuromed Research Centre in Pozzilli in occasion of the European Researchers’ Night.

A moment from the European Researchers’ Night

BOATAZ opens up many reflections about near future scenarios. The implications of hyperconnection are technological, cultural, psychological, legal, anthropological, aesthetic, philosophical, and perceptive.
BOATAZ is a great starting point for discussion about these, to understand the hyperconnection phenomena in the present and imagine desirable scenarios for the near future.

BAOTAZ is a project directed by Nefula and La Cura and conceived by :
Ilaria Ascione, Mirko Balducci, Lavoslava Benčić, Mario Bernaudo, Francesco Berti, Beatrice Bianchini, Francesco Bonomi, Stefano Capezzuto, Tommaso Cappelletti, Ruggero Castagnola, Marta Cecconi, Francesca Chiappa, Giorgio Cipolletta, Dario Cottafava, Eugenio De Matteis, Gian Paolo Delfino, Giacomo Equizi, Rudy Faletra, Giulia Falciani, Clementina Giulia Maria Gentile Fusillo, Anna Gerometta, Alberto Gomez, Giulia Grassi, Doğu Gündoğdu, Jon Husband, Salvatore Iaconesi, Ami Liçaj, Milijana Komad, Arianna Magrini, Filippo Menconi, Michela Nicchiotti, Naz Önen, Ludovica Panzera, Oriana Persico, Antonio Puglisi, Giorgio Rinolfi, Alessia Santoro, Maria Teresa Scarabello, Joanna Sleigh, Andrea Spatari, Martina Sportelli, Roberto Terracciano, Guglielmo Torelli, Tommaso Tregnaghi, John Wilkinson.

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Nefula is the first italian studio of Near Future Design.
Nefula loves humans and the Earth, but also imaginary worlds and fictional beings.