DOCU #01

Collaborative economy at OuiShare Fest 2015
A short documentary about the developing present of the collaborative economy.



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The second episode of the DOCU series by Nefula was set in May 2015 at OuiShare Fest in Paris.
During the Festival, Nefula collected the voices of some collaborative economy experts, who expressed opinions about the present and the future of their area of interest.

DOCU #01 - Collaborative Economy

The main topics of DOCU #01 is the collaborative economy and the practices linked to it, like the role of decentralized platforms, the scarcity of resources, and technologies like Blockchain.
Interesting point of views on futures emerged, from a general collapse and environmental apocalypse, to self-governance systems to manage work, identity, and citizenship.

DOCU premiere at ODEON Theater c/o Firenze

DOCU #01 had its premiere on October 2015, in a competition at the Florence Short Film Festival. A high amount of public participation was recorded, confirming a high level of quality of the shorts presented.
It was also shown on November 2015 in Barcelona, on the occasion of the Spanish OuiShare Fest.

Stills from DOCU #01

In DOCU #01 Nefula interviewed:
Our guests:
Pia Mancini, Executive Director DemocracyOS and Co-founder Partido de la Red; Indy Johar, Co-founder Project 00; Aral Balkan, Founder and Lead designer of; Sara Horowitz, Founder of Working Today and Freelancers Union; Adam Arvidsson, Associate Professor of Social and Political Sciences (University of Milano).

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