Iperconnessioni Rurali

Scenarios for common-based and peer-to-peer models in rural areas.
Iperconnessioni Rurali is a publication to describe transitional scenarios where technology can help the mutual benefit of rural communities, networks and organizations.



In collaboration with

Rural Hub
Ubiquitous Commons


Research & Consultancy

The Iperconnessioni Rurali pamphlet was the result of a three day workshop organized by Rural Hub and Ubiquitous Commons. It describes a first effort to integrated traditional practices and rituals with technologies and tools in order to create new models that successfully manage the commons in rural areas.
Nefula handled the building of two different Near Future scenarios, described as desirable futures from the participants of the workshop.

Transition through time/space from Commons to Ubiquitous Commons

Iperconnessioni Rurali faces some of the main themes of our era, as the management and the accessibility of material and immaterial resources. The research highlights the importance of ecosystems, networks, and communities in the self-management of the commons, integrating with the most innovative digital tools, such as p2p models and Block Chain.

Nefula during the workshop c/o Rural Hub

Nefula helped design two different scenarios relative to Iperconnessioni Rurali research.
The near future scenarios described in the publication deal with themes of rural activities such as the certification systems, and the oversupply and overproduction of food. Both scenarios give possible solutions to these issues in a community framework, using ecosystemic and p2p tools to help the mangement of the commons.

In the model are shown a series of actors and types of actors forming a P2P network

Iperconnessioni Rurali wants to be the starting point of a process that involves communities, organizations, and institutions in the creation of a p2p environment to share knowledge, relations, and processes useful to rural activities.

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