La Cura Summer School

Living the planet as an interconnected mind.
Five days of an international Summer School, from August 22nd to 26th 2016, to explore the ubiquitous body in the hyperconnection era.



In collaboration with

La Cura
XXI Triennale International Exhibition
ISIA Firenze



La Cura Summer School was an educational program that explored the theme of the ubiquitous body in the era of hyperconnection, from a theoretical and practical point of view. It was born from the La Cura project, by Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico, with the aim of exposing the results at the XXI Triennale International Exhibition in Milan.

In this project Nefula played an important role in managing partners, setting the educational program, teaching and tutoring, and coordinating activities.

The selfie-chain

Nefula handled the communication plan and created the relative promotional products according to the theme and the aesthetic of the La Cura project. La Cura Summer School was launched during a special event at ISIA Firenze, a prestigious Italian design school that hosted the program.

La Cura Summer School counted 30 international participants with very different backgrounds, from the arts to design, architecture, philosophy, engineering, computer science, law, and humanities.
The educational program was assigned to 5 teachers and 4 tutors, some of those being Nefula members.
The team was well-balanced and covered different approaches to the topic, creating fertile ground for debates and discussions.

The activities took place in work teams and followed five different paths: Big data and Social Media Listening, Data Visualization and Infoaesthetics, Communication and Branding, Design and Prototyping, and Coding and Wearable Computing.
At La Cura Summer School time for discussion, debates, and fun had great importance. The entire program was planned to work in the best conditions, and even lunch was under the care of a chef who cooked a special macrobiotic diet.

The first edition of La Cura Summer School was successful. During the 5 days of laboratory the participants produced the concept of BAOTAZ (an installation, a wearable device, a platform, and a community). They also produced many different and spontaneous materials, such as the cook-book designed by the chef of the summer school, and a fictional video product as report of the school.

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