Near Future Designers

Which will be the role of the designer in the near future?
A 3 day workshop experience in Bolzano, Italy.



In collaboration with

Free University of Bozen-Bolzano



From the 9th to the 11th of November 2015, the Faculty of Design & Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano hosted a session of the Near Future Capsule workshop by Nefula. The workshop topic focused on the evolution of the role of the designer. The workshop “Near Future Designers” took place in the Visual Communication course held by professors Giorgio Camuffo and Matteo Moretti.

Nefula and Matteo Moretti - CURI revision w/ students

The workshop was structured in two parts. The first aimed to explain the Near Future Design methodology, its steps and purposes, through several examples. The second part was more practical, with the students starting to apply the Near Future Design methodology to the topic.
During the first day the theme was explored in the way it appears in the present. It corresponds with the research phase of the methodology, aimed to explore and describe the Consensual, the Curious Rituals, and the State of the Art and Technology. The discovered elements were placed in a diagram through which investigate and observe the present of Design.

On the left the CR mapping, on the right the CURI mapping

On the second day the students worked on the development of a series of scenarios started from the previous research. The scenarios tried to figure out possible evolutions of various directions in contemporary design. This was the World Building phase, in which the scenarios are imagined and designed to represent the tensions they revealed as important and meaningful. The results were exhibited to the University on the last day.

Final public presentation of the works c/o Bozen Free University

At the end of the Capsule workshop, Mirko Balducci and Tommaso Tregnaghi from Nefula held the lecture “The future doesn’t exist. It’s a performance. Methodologies and practices toward Near Future Design”.

Mirko Balducci and Tommaso Tregnaghi public lecture about NFD methodology c/o Bozen Free University

The role of the designer has changed and it will continue to change.
The aim of the workshop was to explore possible roles of the designer in the near future. How design, and designers, will adapt to the social, economical, and technological paradigms in the future?
The students in this intense 3 day hands-on workshop followed the Near Future Design methodology in order to answer to these questions.

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