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The algorithmic journal that doesn’t need an editorial staff.
Newspicker is the beginning of a new age for journalism in which the professional will be replaced by trusted software.



In collaboration with

TEDx Novara



Newspicker was a transmedia performance that aimed to show an example of the Near Future Design method, and stimulate a public conversation about it. The performance was made in several parts. The most important of these took place in May 2016, on the occasion of TEDx Novara, through a talk held by Nefula that had Newspicker as the topic.

TEDx video speech

The performance was based on a near future scenario about the information supply topic. Nefula created different narratives to communicate the scenario in an hyper-real form.
First of all the Newspicker fake brand: the first algorithmic journal. The innovative method of the company is described in a fake website from the founders: at Newspicker algorithms compose original articles examining the web and information database, looking at preference and opinion on social networks and checking the news in real time. A natural language analysis software simulates human handwriting, ensuring the quality of the service.
The concept of Newspicker emerged from an extensive research about the present and the futures of the information, completed during the Infosfera project.

Top left: Transmedia narrative on newspaper. Top right: talk. Bottom: Newspicker magazine and site's mockup

The performance took place with the complicity of TEDx Novara, that contributed to spread fiction creating narrative content on its platform and by media. The talk, announced on papers and official channels of the event, would’ve been held by Filippo Campofelice, the founder of the journal.
In truth, it was held by Mirko Balducci, Nefula co-founder, who, during the talk, left his alias and revealed the true nature of the project.
The Near Future Design process was finally explained to the audience.

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