Shaping Thoughts

An interactive exhibition by five international design studios.
In September 2016, in Florence, Shaping Thoughts showed the most advanced design practices in the world.



In collaboration with

Matteo Moretti – Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Source Firenze



A view of the Installation

Shaping Thoughts was a fictional exhibition built to show the results of the “Near Future Designers” Capsule workshop held by Nefula.
The content of the exhibition was presented as reality to an audience that didn’t know to be looking at well-packaged near future scenarios imagined by students under the direction of Matteo Moretti, from the Free University of Bozen.
The exhibition took place for 5 days on the occasion of Hacking Source, an event which aims to explore new frontiers in the design field.

The exhibition was composed by a projection, an interactive table, plus six controllers that activated the project video presentations. The white controller -the sixth- activated the video that explained the real content of the exhibition, revealing its fictional nature.

Shaping Thoughts is a project by Nefula and Matteo Moretti, with the collaboration of Mirco Piccin (FabLab CFV) for the coding, and the jewellery designer Kristin Leigh Knoll.

The projects shown by Shaping Thoughts investigate five different directions in the contemporary design field. Relations, emotions, ethics, biology, and political topics become an opportunity to reflect about how design practices could have a bigger influence in our intimate life, thanks to technological innovation and social change.

Same images from the student's projects

Titles and the authors of the projects:, Relational Design by Francesco Bevilacqua, Sofia Bresciani, Camilla Valli, Design of Emotions by Marta Brevi, Andrea Dieck, Alessia Santoro, Maria Teresa Scarabello
Nous Factory, Ethic Design by Antonio Di Cicco, Tommaso Gandini, Simone Melis, Stefania Rigoni
Perfect Pet, Biotechnology Design by Eleonora Frattini, Andrea La Scala, Eva Loprieno
Brave New World, Anti-Design Design by Ilaria Bonvicini, Erica Ghioni, Sabrina Trevisan

The Shaping Thoughts experience was Nefula’s first step in the exploration of the near future of work, and an occasion to open a conversation about the near future of design.

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