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Nefula supports business and research strategies by enabling response to radical evolutions of markets.

Markets change fast.
In 6 months, one market may have radically changed. It may happen in several ways, starting from the skills and competence requirements to the final customer’s request for different experiences.
And of course, change may involve production and competition too: radically different products and competitors may appear on the market.
Furthermore, to get a true picture, all the changes must be analysed in relation with global social transformations (climate changes, crises, wars, …), technological innovations (hyper-connectivity, AI, VR, Robots, Algorithms, …) and the relative ethic and legal implications.

Through the Near Future Design research method Nefula analyzes the evolution of the markets, highlighting possibilities for the developments of business and society. The Research and Consultancy service is designed for companies and organizations who want to position  themselves in the innovation field, and be able to deal with a market that change really fast.


Nefula uses a cross-disciplinary approach to analyze the present state of markets.
Data and information, collected using Big Data analytic software, are examined from multiple point of views, to have a complete and exhaustive vision about the directions of change of the  market. These analysis are used to describe a map of possible near futures. The “Future Map” is a powerful tool to reflect about complex future scenarios and their implications in business.

Thanks to design tools, design fiction methodologies and transmedia strategies it is possible to open up these visions and reflections to a wide public in engaging and thought-provoking ways. This provides an unique opportunity to collect a huge amounts of feedbacks and expressions about people’s desire for the near future.
This data-driven participatory process open up alternative and innovative ways of doing business.


A Near Future Design process on market segments could produce:


The report is a technical and scientific outcome of the research process.
It includes all the information collected during the analysis of the current state of markets, including dataset from the social network analysis. It also describes the tensions in the present and the possible directions for the near future, based on data analysis.
Furthermore, if the design fiction phase is included, the report shows all the expressions generated online from people about the near future scenario performed. The expressions are processed through different techniques as: Natural Language Analysis, Sentiment Analysis, Network Analysis, Geo-Referencing.

Data Visualizations

Data visualizations are created to clearly communicate  the complexity of the research phase.
Dataviz are powerful tools to show patterns or relationships in the data, and highlight tensions and emergences.
They can be research tools or visual communication products. In this last case they aims to make knowledge accessible to the users in meaningful ways to lead  reflections and discussions.

Design Fiction and Speculative Products

Design fictions and speculative objects aims to materialize future scenarios in the real world.
Starting from the map of the possible futures, a design process develops various concepts for the near future markets.
Then, they take the shape of hyperreal fictional products and are spread following transmedia strategies to reach a wide public.
This process allows to collect a significant amounts of feedbacks about the people’s perception of the near future scenario performed.

Immersive Events
Immersive events are created to involve general public or specific targets.
Events are definitely the best opportunity to show the research results and start a global discussions about them.
Going beyond the traditional models of event (conference, speech, debate..), immersive events are spaces where is possible to have experience of near future scenarios. They can be design fiction exhibits, virtual or real interactive experience or multimedia environments.


Explore the Research & Consultancy Packages


Analyze millions of expressions to understand how markets and society is changing.


Future Market Analysis aims to describe the current state of your business and its future evolutions.
Big Data Analyses, (based on Natural Language Processing and Machine and Deep Learning), are used to understand how things change and what are the implications for your market.


Answer “What if…?” questions through design.


Scenario Based Design and Speculative Design are the best solutions to rapidly develop prototypes and scenarios which investigate, explore and highlight possibilities for the developments of markets and society.
Design fictions and transmedia narrations, which materially show what the future could look like, are used for business development, future market positioning and viral communication.


Evaluate business model in changing markets.


Sanity Check service is useful to check if your strategy is consistent with the ways in which the world, society and your markets are changing. Starting from your existing future business concepts, transmedia narratives and world building process are developed and used to create immersive experiences for test users, focus groups, communities, and social networks. Then, from the feedback analysis is possible to understand if your strategy is going where the world is, or, in case, propose adjustments.


Position your organization in a market which does not yet exist.


Positioning service brings a whole new meaning with the high rate of transformation of markets and society.
Thought the Near Future Design process is possible to study the near future of your market and use the resulting insights to position your organization in it through transmedia design, design fictions, pre-totypes, community engagement, communication. This an opportunity to be the player of a radical innovation process.

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